Two Rank Systems!

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Two Rank Systems!

Post by Silver on Wed Aug 04, 2010 11:37 am

Today I added rank systems to Pokémon Scion!
The first rank set is based on the traditional post system (No images) and is as follows:
Pokémon Newbie - 0 Posts
Pokémon Cadet - 25 Posts
Pokémon Novice - 50 Posts
Pokémon Trainer - 100 Posts
Pokémon Enthusiast - 250 Posts
PokéFan - 500 Posts
Pokémon Fanatic - 1000 Posts
Poké Addict - 2500 Posts
Pokémon Master - 5000 Posts
Ancient Trainer - 10000 Posts
Immortal Trainer - 15000 Posts
Pokémon Champion - 20000 Posts

The second rank system is a battle system (Images)! Gym Leaders, Elite four members, Frontier Brains, Battle Tower trainers, and Scion League Champions will be appointed and players may battle them for badges! The rules for this system are explained here:


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