The Official R/B/Y Line-up Thread.

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The Official R/B/Y Line-up Thread.

Post by Silver on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:00 am

All Red, Blue, and Yellow line-ups can be posted in this thread.
Discussion of line-ups can be, but do not have to be within this thread.
Hacked Pokémon are permitted in line-ups though they are asked to be tagged.

For discussion purposes, feel free to include your Pokémon's nature, ability, attacks, and stats.
Format, for discussion purposes:

Style: ie. for fun, favorites, for battles.
Line-up 1:
Style: For fun.
Version: Blue.
1. Pidgeot Level: 94.
2. Ditto Level: 25.
3. Venusaur Level: 100.
4. Blastoise Level: 100.
5. Charizard Level: 100.
6. Mew Level: 100. (Glitched.)

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Elite Four Lineup

Post by SnorlaxGod on Thu Jul 29, 2010 5:50 pm

Style: For Elite Four
Game: Blue/Red (Same lineup for both games, except where marked.)
Pokemon 1: Snorlax Lv: 100
Pokemon 2: Dragonite/Pidgeot Lv: 75
Pokemon 3: Arcanine Lv: 64
Pokemon 4: Alakazam Lv: 60
Pokemon 5: Lapras Lv: 82
Pokemon 6: Pikachu Lv: 100

Snorlax led me through most of it, lots of work though. Got through and fought the rival on Blue, beat him. Haven't tried on Red yet, currently going through FireRed so I'll wait until I finish that. All in all a great team for me, Snorlax to level 100 was hell and back.

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