Pokémon Scion Launch Tournament Sign-Up

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Pokémon Scion Launch Tournament Sign-Up

Post by Silver on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:07 pm

The sign-up is simple. Simply post that you are participating and then include your six Pokémon and timezone with the post. You only have to post Pokémon names, as EVs, natures, and attacks can be changed at any time.
Note: You may not change Pokémon at any time during the tournament. Once added to the list, your Pokémon are final.

Spot 1:
Spot 2:
Spot 3:
Spot 4:
Spot 5:
Spot 6:
Spot 7:
Spot 8:
Spot 9:
Spot 10:
Spot 11:
Spot 12:
Spot 13:
Spot 14:
Spot 15:
Spot 16:
Spot 17:
Spot 18:
Spot 19:
Spot 20:
Spot 21:
Spot 22:
Spot 23:
Spot 24:


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