Elite Four Creation Thread

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Elite Four Creation Thread

Post by Silver on Fri Aug 06, 2010 11:46 am

The ONLY post here should be creation posts.
Important Information Concerning Elite Four Members
All new Elite Four Members must create their character in this thread. Notice, you may not change your character of Pokémon while you are in the Elite Four. Elite Four Members are expected to keep detailed records of their battles and fairly announce their own victories and losses, any case of an Elite Four Member doing otherwise will lead to the room being temporarily suspended and the member possibly being removed.
Elite Four Members may not delete threads from previous members.
Elite Four Members may not alter threads from previous members.
Every room is require to have a history thread posted as an announcement. This thread will contain an entire archive of previous members and their Pokémon. It will also include each members win/loss records as well as the room's overall win/loss records.
Every Elite Four Member is required to have his own challenge thread. The challenge thread will contain the member info and their Pokémon. The challenge thread must also contain the win/loss ratios.
NOTE: The fourth room must contain a list of winning trainers as well as an overall win/loss ratio for the entire Elite Four.
The Scion region does not have a "Champion," thus the Elite Four is only four people.
The first Elite Four Members will be on a first come, first serve basis. First four people to sign-up, earn their room.

Format for creating your character are included below.
Elite Four Sign-Up form

Name (Leave blank to use forum name):
Appearance (Pokémon sprites only) [Optional]:
Pokémon Types (Only choose three):
Pokémon 1:
Pokémon 2:
Pokémon 3:
Pokémon 4:
Pokémon 5:
Pokémon 6:
Pokémon 7:
Pokémon 8:
Pokémon 9:
Pokémon 10:
Pokémon 11:
Pokémon 12:


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