The Official FR/LG Line up Thread

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The Official FR/LG Line up Thread

Post by Silver on Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:05 am

All Fire Red and Leaf Green line-ups can be posted in this thread.
Discussion of line-ups can be, but do not have to be within this thread.
Hacked Pokémon are permitted in line-ups though they are asked to be tagged.

For discussion purposes, feel free to include your Pokémon's nature, ability, attacks, and stats.
Format, for discussion purposes:

Style: ie. for fun, favorites, for battles.
Line-up 1:

Style: For fun.
Version: Leaf Green.
1. Lugia Level: 70. (Hacked pass to acquire.)
2. Deoxys Level: 85. (Hacked. Acquired at level 3.)
3. Meganium Level: 74. (Hacked. Acquired as Chikorita at level 3.)
4. Suicune Level: 83.
5. Poliwrath Level: 91.
6. Chairzard Level: 98.

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