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Scion Pokémart

Post by Silver on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:40 pm

Hi, and welcome to Scion's very own Pokémart! Here we sell special items not carried by the traditional Pokémarts! Come check in often to see what we're selling!

Item Shoppe:

Evolution Items
Rare Candy (Evolves any Pokémon that normally evolves by leveling) -500 Credits* 1000 Credits**
Fire Stone -750 Credits
Moon Stone -750 Credits
Water Stone -750 Credits
Thunder Stone -750 Credits
Sun Stone -750 Credits

Membership Items
Bronze Card (Bronze Name) -250 Credits
Silver Card (Gray Name) -500 Credits (Must have Bronze Card)
Gold Card (Gold Name) -1500 Credits (Must have Silver Card)
Platinum Card (Platinum Name) -3000 Credits (Must have Gold Card)
VIP Card (VIP Membership) -5000 Credits (Must have Platinum Card)

Battle Items
Mystery Egg -500 Credits (Allows a player to edit one of their Pokémon in their submission. Works for trainers, Gym Leaders, and Elite Four Members.) Note: When buying, post the changes you want along with your purchase. Thanks.

VIP Shoppe:
Shiny Stone -1500 Credits
Missingo -5000 Credits


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