Pokémon Scion Launch Tournament!

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Pokémon Scion Launch Tournament!

Post by Silver on Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:59 am

It's time for Pokémon Scion's first tournament!

  • When: The tournament time will be announced when all spots are filled.
  • Where: The tournament will occur on Pokémon Online: Download.
  • Prize: The prizes for the Launch Tournament are as follows:
    -First Place: Custom Colored Forum Pet, Bronze Card, 100 Credits.
    -Second Place: Bronze Card, 100 Credits.
    -Third Place: 100 Credits. (Third place will be decided in a battle between the losing semi-finalists.)
  • Entries: 24.
  • Rules (Clauses):

Evasion Clause
Probably the most important rule in competitive play. This rule states that no player is allowed to use the moves Double Team and Minimize. Any other mean of raising evasion is legal, like Brightpowder, the Sand Veil Ability, or Acupressure. Using Double Team or Minimize due to Metronome is not a violation, but Assist is

OHKO Clause
Almost as important as Evasion Clause, under this rule no player is allowed to use a OHKO (One Hit Knockout) move: Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure or Sheer Cold. Again, using these moves through Metronome doesn't break the rules, but Assist does

Sleep Clause
Yet another very important rule, no player is allowed to put a Pokémon to sleep if a Pokémon in the opposing team is already sleeping. Pokémon sleeping due to Rest don't count. Since this rule can lead to various discussions, I'll try to list them all here
-A Pokémon falls asleep due to the Ability Effect Spore while another Pokémon on the same team is already sleeping: This doesn't break the rule, as the player with an Effect Spore Pokémon had no effect on the second sleep; however, if a player puts a Pokémon to sleep AFTER Effect Spore took affect, then he/she has broken the rule
-A Pokémon puts two Pokémon to sleep due to an opponent's Encore/Choice Item: If the sleeper was allowed to switch out, then the sleeper's player has broken the rule; if the sleeper was trapped by any means, the trapper's player has broken the rule
-In a double battle, two Pokémon are put to sleep by the move Dark Void: If no other Pokémon had previously been put to sleep, then the rule isn't broken

Species Clause
Very simple, no player can have on the same team two Pokémon of the same species (Pokédex number)

Banned Pokémon
The following Pokémon are not permitted in the tournament:
- Arceus
- Darkrai
- Deoxys (all forms)
- Dialga
- Entei
- Garchomp
- Giratina
- Giratina-O
- Groudon
- Ho-oh
- Kyogre
- Latias
- Latios
- Lugia
- Manaphy
- Mew
- Mewtwo
- Palkia
- Raikou
- Rayquaza
- Shaymin-L
- Shaymin-S
- Suicune
- Wobbuffet
- Wynaut


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